Why & How Are You Different Than 
Anything I've Ever Tried?

Why & How Are You Different Than Anything I've Ever Tried?

Instead of getting just my opinion on it, I've asked the same question to some of the clients I'm 
working with and posted their answers below.
Instead of getting just my opinion on it, I've asked the same question to some of the clients I'm working with and posted their answers below. 
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40 Year Old Realtor Drops 40lbs, Boosts Sex Drive & Regained His Energy Using The Kinetic Method

This is Ryan, A 40-year-old married realtor with kids who couldn’t lose weight no matter what he tried.

He tried CrossFit, morning smoothies, portion control, cardio, and lifting weights. And the scale wouldn’t budge. He felt ashamed of his body and had to suck in his gut every time he was at the pool.

After making a few tweaks using the Kinetic Method. He dropped 40 pounds and his wife is stunned by his sex drive. When he takes off his shirt at the pool his friends say “damn”.

  38 Year Old RE Investors Drops 45 Pounds & Gets Six Pack Lean Using The Kinetic Method

Meet Jeremiah.

As a successful RE investor, he knew that marketing his personal brand is big part of his success. So he’d go out, film videos and have them get edited by his team. Then he deleted all of the videos because he hated the way he looked in them.

He was wasting time and money on his content every day. This got him started with Optavia, Keto and some other fad diets. And while he dropped some weight quickly, he knew that this wouldn’t get him six pack shredded, let alone looking like Brad Pitt in Troy.

So he signed up for the Kinetic Method. 45 pounds down in 6 months. Six pack abs.  He handles the stress from work better and is calmer and more grounded.

   48 Year Old Serial Entrepreneur Gets Six Pack Shredded With The Kinetic Method

Meet Aaron

At 48 with multiple businesses and 5 kids he had a ton of excuses to make. But that wasn’t on his plan. He get out of his own way and hired a trainer to help him get below 200 pounds.

With 4-5 workouts a week there was still no success. He knew that if he wanted unconventional results, he’d have to try an unconventional method.

Enter Kinetic Method. I told him to workout LESS. We went down to 3 weekly workouts at 35 minutes. No cardio. And the weight started melting off. 10 pounds left the house, then 20, then 30, then 40 and eventually 50!

Today his ab muscles are poking through his shirt when he’s working out. At a 30 year high school reunion he got voted as the person who changed the least.

Even The Women In Their Lives Can't Stop Raving About 
How Much More Attractive Their Man Is

When you start to change, people will start to notice you. And your wife's going to notice those people noticing you. Part of what builds attraction in a husband and a wife. Is she sees suddenly other women are interested in him and his status has gone up in the community.

44 Year Old RE Investor Gets Six Pack Lean Using The Kinetic Method

Meet Colin. As a busy father with 2 kids, he managed to stay in “ok” shape for most of his life. But as the years went by, his face and belly got softer.

He wasn’t obese or overweight, but skinny fat. The sweet tooth and alcohol didn’t help either. At the CG Mastermind in May 20223 he met Jeremiah. He saw his dramatic transformation and decided to join the Kinetic Method.

6 months later = Colin became a Sixpack CEO. No more sugar rushes. No more cravings. No more energy crashes. He’s a lot more productive and peak performing at work.

61 Year Old Tax Advisor Gets Six Pack Shredded Using The Kinetic Method

Meet Ed Lloyd. He’s a tax advisor for dentists.

At 61 he woke up one day and saw that he was getting rounder.
He was already working out and overall quite active. But never saw long-term success with his nutrition.

He’d lost weight and then regained it back. All the past attempts were too restrictive. Plus he lost muscle mass because of the low calories.

Enter Kinetic Method. 9 months in and he wakes up six pack shredded. At 61 his blood work is the best it’s even been.
His bone density is up – how many guys over 60 do you know that can say that?

When he’s on Zoom calls with clients they ask him what he’s doing.
His energy and focus at work is much higher.

41 Year Old Sales Leader Gets Six Pack Lean Using The Kinetic Method

Meet Mike. At 40 he woke up and realized that he’s in the worse shape of his life. After doing Whole 30, he knew there was a big piece missing for him. Support and accountability.

When he saw 3 of his friends join the Kinetic Method, he decided to overcome his skepticism and follow along. Initially he thought there was no way he could do this, let alone sustain it. 

But he decided to “keep going just one more day”. One more day became a full year. Today Mike is six pack lean. He wakes up with no joint pain. He’s sharper and more focused at work. 

He used to get sick 3-4x a year.Now he hasn’t been sick in 11 months.
While everyone around him was out for a week, he was able to power through it in 1-2 days. Not only did he get an aesthetic upgrade, but his health and immune system became bulletproof.

  59 Year Old Business Owner
Shaves Years Off His Appearance And Gets Six Pack Lean
Using The Kinetic Method

In May 2022 Wes reached out to me on LinkedIn. He told me that at 58 he isn’t an “old man” and knows he can still dramatically improve his strength, appearance and health.
He wants to get below 200 pounds, see his abs and continue to gain strength so he can stay as attractive and healthy as possible as he ages. He was already putting in a lot of effort with up to 4 CrossFit workouts a week, but the ROI wasn’t there.
Yet he wasn’t happy with his progress on his mid-section and that’s where he considered the Kinetic Method. We replaced his 4 CrossFit workouts a week with slow motion, low volume workouts.
We also optimized his hormones by looking at an advanced blood panel. Now Wes started losing fat consistently. And the real win is he didn’t have to beat down his body with CrossFit workouts.
Today he’s 59 – and the only place his age is attached to is his driving license.

   53-Year-Old Business Owner Drops 33lbs & Wakes Up With Abs & Fits Into His Favorite Shirt Again Using The Kinetic Method

John, a 53-year-old business owner, and Judo teacher. With kids and in a relationship. Who works up to 14 hours a day from business to Judo, to BJJ, to spending time with his family.

No matter how healthy he ate, or how hard he worked out. He wasn’t able to lose more than 50 pounds in total. He was stuck.

Two simple fixes got him to drop 33 more pounds in no time at all. Set records for 5-minute planks, hitting 43 new lows in a row and leading other men like him.

   41-Year-Old RE Investor Replaces His Love Handles With A Six Pack & Feels Like 20 Again Using The Kinetic Method

Meet Adam. Adam is a super high achiever.

One of his big goals was having six pack abs.

So he did:
-    Intermittent Fasting
-    5 Days Water Fast In A Row (Six Pack Wasn’t There After 5 Days)
-    4x Weekly CrossFit
-    Different Gym Routines
-    12x Mountain Biking Per Week

The work and effort was there .. but the ROI wasn’t. No matter what he tried the six pack did not show up. All it did made him like 55. His skin looked and felt old. His 10-year-old son told him he’s fat.

After decades of trial and error on his own he took the leap of fait and went all in. 3 months into the Kinetic Method and he woke up with abs.

He went from feeling embarrassed of taking his shirt off to feeling proud getting six pack lean. Today he feels and looks like 20 again.

And his kids call him strong when they see his abs. He even booked himself a photoshoot to celebrate his success.

  30 Year Old Copywriter
Gets Six Pack Lean
Using The Kinetic Method

Meet Chris. As a new dad he wanted to be a role model and great leader. Yet past attempts to get back in shape only led to weight regain.

He was always hungry. Because it was willpower based weight loss. Enter Kinetic Method. We used willpower free weight loss. 20 pounds down. No hunger. No cravings.

Chris is six pack lean and in the best shape of his life.

   40 Year Old Business Owner
Got Six Pack Abs
Using The Kinetic Method

This is Austin, a 40-year-old business owner and a family man with 2 kids. Who works up to 70-hour weeks to provide for his family. Giving to everyone else but himself led him to put himself last. After making a few adjustments to his nutrition. 

His hormones were back on track and for the 1st time since his early 20s. He could see his abs again. Every time he goes to Mexico for vacation, he’s THE guy on the beach and pool. He’s not a fit guy and top 10 or top 5%. 

He’s top 1%. Everyone notices. Friends, family, and even his wives’ friends know he’s a “hotty”. Listen to what he has to say about his transformation using the Kinetic Method.

   44 Year Old Business Owner Gets Six Pack Lean & Increases His Income Using The Kinetic Method

Fred, for years, thought he looked very good compared to his “fat friends” and for his age. After he turned 50 he felt he needed to change something. 

Good wasn’t anymore enough. One of his business peers introduced him to me. When he read some of my posts and sales page, he thought my marketing was hyped up. He still decided to give it a shot and go ahead with it. Within the first week, he got a surprise when doing the blood work. 

And about 8 weeks into the program he’s got another surprise. He’s got a lot more fun in the bedroom with his wife. As he says “I have a LOT more sex”. His wife is more attracted to him. She compliments him DAILY. His confidence is up. And ultimately it rejuvenated the relationship with his wife. Give this great interview a listen.

44 Year Old Business Owner Gets Six Pack Lean & Increases His Income Using The Kinetic Method

Matt, he’s always on his toes and races 100 miles an hour every day to hit his goals. Running multiple businesses while flipping over 1000 (no typo) houses, stress is part of his life. 

All his energy was soaked up from his business, so he had little left in the tank when coming home. Kids wanted to play and wrestle, Matt wanted to zip out on the couch. Deep down he knew something was missing because no matter how much money he made, and how much his businesses grew. 

He was unhappy because his body was slightly above the average mark. He tried the classic fad diets and hired a trainer who helped him lose 10 pounds. Yet he knew that to become a Sixpack CEO, he needed a different approach.

 Kinetic Method. Fast forward today and he’s 30 pounds down. He’s made more money thanks to his upgraded body and hormones. Energy is through the roof. He’s able to handle the swings of the RE market better.

44 Year Old Business Owner Gets Six Pack Lean & Increases His Income Using The Kinetic Method

Dave, he’s a father of 3 kids and soon 7! After quitting his job as a pilot he started his own business. He was in good shape before starting the Kinetic Method, but he still felt soft and squashy. 

Deep down he knew he wasn’t performing as his best fitness wise. And he didn’t want to be one of those men who lay on the death bed and never met their true potential with their bodies. Instead of looking how to get in shape, he started looking WHO can get him in shape. 

Today he walks around with six pack abs. His fiancé is impressed with his “intense” abs as she says. His body is chiseled and stress levels are lower than they have ever been. Listen to his case study interview today.

33 Year Old Marketing Business Owner & Father Gets Six Pack Lean Using The Kinetic Method

Mike, has big entrepreneurial dreams but his body got in the way. Instead of being an asset, his health was a liability to his business. The post-lunch crashes were killing his productivity! 

He went and hired a local personal trainer. He worked out 3-5x a week for an hour. After 5 months he saw ZERO results. His past failure didn’t let him sabotage his self-belief for the future. 

So decided to do an upgrade with the Kinetic Method. 8min abs & 3 weekly workouts. Was all it took to get six pack lean. He couldn’t believe that with just 3x45min sessions he got ripped. He never had to starve because of all the food he was able to eat. The post lunch crashes were gone. The real win is that his business exploded. 

He had to hire a ton of new team members to keep up with the leads. That’s because the Kinetic Method optimized energy minute of his day. He’s building his entrepreneurial dream that he envisioned a decade ago. But wasn’t possible with low energy.

 48 Year Old Insurance Agent Drops 30 Pounds & Gets Six Pack Lean Using The Kinetic Method

Tad, he's a family man and 48-year-old insurance agent. Not only did his body transform, but he shaved years off his appearance. His face is more youthful, his visible jawline gives him a more masculine touch and his eyes are focused and determined. 

He now embodies more power as a man without saying a word. Non verbal language always trumps verbals! When he started he wasn't 'unhealthy' by the worlds standards. Yet deep down he knew that those love handles are a mark of average that don't fit into the best version of himself. 

It took this man 12 months to transform from left to right. And now we're moving him into the muscle building phase, where he is going to be a lot bigger, stronger and jacked!

 51-Year-Old Tax Advisor Went From Feeling Bloated & Lethargic To Fit, Full Of Energy With The Kinetic Method

James, a tax advisor and high achiever. James had a dream. Being a fit, jacked millionaire at 55 with six pack abs traveling the world with his girlfriend. 

His pursuit of chasing wealth had him give up his health. He knew it’s a now or never thing. He reached out, booked a call and the transformation happened. 

A few tweaks in his nutrition and workout. Had him shred down to 12.5% bodyfat where he wakes up with six pack abs every day. His girlfriend is stunned by his newfound sense of confidence, energy and stamina. He carries himself differently and might make his dream happen a few years earlier.

 43-Year-Old Business Owner Drops 50lbs & Gets To 15% Bodyfat Using The Kinetic Method

Terry, a 43-year-old ex-athlete who’s also a business owner. With 2 kids, he found it nearly impossible to get back in shape. He tried home workouts, going to the gym. 

Doing cardio, diets, and shakes. His main problem was, he’d workout, lose the weight and then gain it all back over and over again. After adjusting a few parts of his diet using the Kinetic Method he dropped 34 pounds of pure fat as of recording this video (now over 50lbs) and regained his athletic power, drive and performance.

 41 Year Old CPA Drops 40lbs & Gets Six Pack Lean

Meet Alfredo. He’s been chubby since childhood and battling with his weight for life. He hired a bunch of coaches, tried different programs, bought home DVDs, did home workout routines and it was always a hit and miss.

He’d go from 200lbs to 180lbs and back to 200lbs. As he got older, he started to experience brain fog that impacted his performance at work. Then he saw one of his CPA friends get six pack lean and decided to join the Kinetic Method. He told me it was very important to him to not be starving and hungry.

I said don’t worry, I got you covered. 9 months later and he’s lost 40lbs and is six pack lean. He’s in the middle of a tax season right now and sharper and more productive than ever.

His son is training with him and following his steps. Most importantly, he’s found a sustainable way of eating he can do for the rest of his life.

 47 Year Old Dentist Gets In The Best Shape Of His Life

Meet Steven. He’s a father and business owner.

He wasn’t unhealthy by the worlds standards. Yet he knew that he could take it to the next level.

He tried different things. From low carb, to Tim Ferris, to marathons. Enter Kinetic Method. Enhanced metabolism. Free testosterone naturally increased. Waking up with daily erections.

He’s skiing better. He’s got tons of energy. He’s less reactive to stress. And most importantly – he keeps up with his 11 year old daughter.

 61 Year Old RE Investor
Drops 30 Pounds
Using The Kinetic Method

Steven, a 61-year-old RE investor and family man. He always looked good in clothes, but his body wasn’t where he wanted it to be when taking his shirt off. Even though he was eating health, doing Keto and working out. He knew he could do better and wasn’t meeting his full potential. 

A year into the Kinetic Method and he’s 30 pounds down. He’s stronger and leaner than ever. In a year of using the Kinetic Method he’s achieved more than in his other 59 years combined! 

Today he’s got guys 20 years younger than him asking what he’s doing. His wife gives him compliments on his progress and success. He’s finally got a great ROI for all the effort, discipline, and hard work he’s putting in. Listen to this interview today to hear about his transformation.

 50 Year Old Business Owner Lost 39lbs & Regained His Energy Using The Kinetic Method

This is Greg, A 50-year-old business owner, who’s married and has two young daughters. Greg is a classic overachiever, works hard, and plays hard. Except for the fact that he was feeling burnt out and tired all the time. With belly fat that wouldn’t go away. 

few tweaks, we rebalanced his hormones naturally. He dropped 19 pounds in his first 90 days and another 20 pounds in the next few months. He now has more energy than he did when he was 20 years old.

41 Year Old Businessman
Drops 50 Pounds
Using The Kinetic Method

Jared, with 7 kids at home, 5 of them being boys, and a 60-hour work week. He had 7 excuses to not lose weight, but that didn’t stop him from trying. 5 out of the 7 kids are boys and he wanted to set an example for his children. 

He didn’t want to be the guy whose wife begged him to lose weight. So he went on Keto. He dropped weight fast, but most of it came from muscle. He had a thin neck and looked weak. Not what he wanted. Fast forward he joined the Kinetic Method. 6 months later he’s 50 pounds down. 

With 3 weekly workouts at 30-45min. It’s sustainable and fits right into his schedule. The upgrade in confidence is great. So are the compliments from his environment.

 46 Year Old Leadership Coach Drops 30 Pounds & Regained His Energy Using The Kinetic Method

Nate, a coach and leader with a big heart and strong mindset. Motivation was never an issue. He was lifting 5-6 days a week. Running 100 miles. Yet his weight never changed. His body felt beat down, sluggish, tired, drained, and lacking focus at work. He thought that’s how you are supposed to feel as you get older. 

And accept it as life as you age. Even after hiring a nutritionist, the situation didn’t change. We started working together and found a big deficiency in his blood work. After fixing it, he started to regain energy rapidly. 

He put on more muscles in less time. He felt sharp, focused, and on top of his game. At 46 he feels better than he did in a long time.

 42 Year Old Pilot
Drops 20 Pounds
Using The Kinetic Method

JD, a Pilot and spends half his time in the air. So getting in shape is a lot harder for him than many other guys who have a regular routine. Then one day, his daughter said he looks like Shrek. 

That was a massive kick in his ass to make a dramatic change. He didn’t want a cheap diet or a regular trainer. To get into the best shape of his life, he wanted a science backed method with support and accountability. Kinetic Method. 

Today he’s one of the few pilots that has abs. He feels phenomenal. Staying in great shape while flying through different time zones is no issue.

64-Year-Old Executive Lost 20lbs, Increased Stamina & Boosted Testosterone With The Kinetic Method

Barry, a 64 years old corporate executive and a grandfather who works 8-10 hours a day. A bad knee and an injury prevented him from doing what he used to do to stay in shape. 

He had low energy and was exhausted all the time. Belly fat and man boobs were evident on his body. He tried HIIT classes, cardio, eating healthy, and diets, but no matter what he did. He couldn't crack the code to get back on track. 

I made a few small adjustments in what he was eating and in no time at all he lost 20 pounds and shaved off 15 years of his look.

41 Year Old Former Marine & Business Owner Drops 30 Pounds Using The Kinetic Method

Buddy, as a former marine was used to being active. And he could drop weight anytime he wanted, that was never an issue. Then when he turned 40, losing weight became a bit more challenging. 

After seeing one of his friends, he reached out to him for an introduction. As a busy RE investor, Buddy didn’t care how or what to do. Rather he focused on WHO can help him get the fastest results possible. That’s where he got introduced to the Kinetic Method. 

A few months later, 30 pounds shredded away from his waistline. Muscle mass is up. Not one day he had to starve. He feels great. Looks younger.

48-Year-Old Insurance Business Owner Drops 40 Pounds Using The Kinetic Method

Seth, he’s been yo-yo dieting his entire life. Running. Dieting. Any program would work short term. Yet long-term the weight would always slap back. Then he saw one of his friends have success with the Kinetic Method. 

He decided to take the risk and become a man who makes his health a priority. His risk was rewarded with a sustainable loss of 40 pounds. He feels better. He’s got more energy. The real win is that his kids lost weight too!

 53-Year-Old Insurance Agent Drops 40lbs, 4 Jeans Sizes & Doubled His Revenue With The Kinetic Method

Ryan, he used to be 150-170lbs most of his adult life. Then covid hit. Ryan blew up to 240lbs. He couldn’t solve the puzzle with conventional trainers and mainstream approaches. P-90X. Weight loss but still looked soft. Rapid K diet. Lost 40lbs. Regained 40lbs. Hired a personal trainer. 

The belly fat was still there. The work was there, but the ROI wasn’t. He decided to do things differently. Kinetic Method. Fast forward. 40lbs down. 4 jeans sizes down. 2 T-Shirt sizes down. Sex drive is through the roof. Business revenue doubled! Listen to his experience using the Kinetic Method.

38-year Marketing Business Owner, Father & Ex Athlete Drops 25lbs Using The Kinetic Method

Sean, ex-athlete. He was fit, young and strong. Then he started his business. Got married. The nice client dinners came. A Ribeye here, a glass of wine there. A few years later “Fit Sean” was gone. And “Soft Sean” was here. Love handles. Tired. 35 pounds heavier. The athlete in him wanted to get Fit Sean back.

So he hired trainer after trainer. The results? 10 pounds gone. And 10 pounds regained. He yo-yo dieted up and down. The frustration was big, and he wasn’t getting younger either. It was easy to lose weight, but hard to keep it off. 

Then he changed his approach. 2022. Kinetic Method. Blood work. Hormones. A holistic method. 6 months in. Everybody compliments him.

48 Year Old Ex Pro Athlete & Serial Business Owner Drops 30lbs Using The Kinetic Method

Jay, an ex-pro athlete. When you Google his name you find him ranked from his pro days. Back in the day, he was in athletic shape. Then the midsection started to get soft. 

A glass of wine here and there taking clients to dinner. One glass of wine turns into 3 while pounding down a 16oz ribeye. 5 gym sessions per week turn into 2 because he's been “too busy”. It becomes easier to say no to the gym and yes to fast food as he rushes around managing all his businesses. 

Until he started to feel more sluggish, soft, and "old". This was the kick he needed to turn things around. Today he's 30 pounds lighter and happier. He's seeing muscles that he hasn't seen for decades. 

 50-Year-Old Insurance Business Owner Drops 54lbs Using The Kinetic Method

Steve, he's an insurance business owner. He was dealing with Afib episodes and carrying around stubborn weight. Running and cutting calories worked for him in the short run, but he'd regain it all back. Or he'd feel hungry all the time and couldn't sustain it. 

Fast forward today and he's 54lbs down and never hungry. He can count the days he's been hungry the past 6 months. His heart health has massively improved and so has his body. Listen to this interview with him today. 

 42-Year-Old Insurance Agent Drops 5 Belt Sizes, 4 Pant Sizes & Regains His Strength Using The Kinetic Method

Matt, a 42-year-old insurance agent and family man. As he says he’s been a “fat kid” his entire life. He tried Optavia shakes and other programs, only to end up yo-yo dieting for years. A few tweaks with his nutrition and training using the Kinetic Method got him dropping 5 belt sizes and 4 pant sizes. 

He's also regaining strength and has more energy than in years. I even told him he shaved off 10 years from his appearance. Everything is getting looser and tighter where it should be. Listen to what he has to say about his transformation using the Kinetic Method.

 34-Year-Old Business Owner Dropped 48lbs & Regained His Energy Using The Kinetic Method

Andy, a 34-year-old insurance agent, married with kids. He knew he wanted to send out a different message with his body to his kids. After he tried various diets that wouldn't fit his schedule and lifestyle, he decided to give the Kinetic Method a go. 

4 months later and he’s cracked the 50lbs mark. By now he's down over 80 pounds! He’s got a lot more energy, mental clarity and is excited about his body.

Business Owner Dropped 50lbs & Got On Top Of His Game In Business Through The Kinetic Method

Andrew, an insurance agent works long hours leading his team. Unlike most guys I work with, he’s still in his 20’s. He knew he’s smart enough to figure this out on his own. Getting in shape is no rocket science. 

However, his values are just like mine. He’d rather just pay someone to give him exactly what he wants, who’s living the life he wants and has the results he wants. This allows him to get from point A to point B in the fastest time possible. Because to guys like Andrew and me, time is more valuable to money, and the whole reason we make money is to live our life in this way. 

So instead of sitting through hours of YouTube videos he committed to the fast lane. 90 days later and he’s 32lbs down and 180 days later he's 50lbs down. He’s a lot stronger than he was in years. His energy is high and his performance at work is through the roof.

 51 Year Old Business Owner Confirms "I'm The Lightest I've Ever Been In 20 Years" By Implementing The Kinetic Method

Dennis, an entrepreneur from Denmark. Married, has a young son, and works long hours building his business and leading his team. Dennis tried every diet possible over the last 30-35 years. That’s how long he’s been at it. 

He would easily drop 10kg and then regain it back. Then he would go on the next diet, lose it and regain it. Finally after using the Kinetic Method he’s dropped 50lbs and is the lightest he’s been in over 2 decades. His body is stronger, more powerful and he’s just getting started.

41-Year-Old Business Owner Dropped 31lbs Through The Kinetic Method While Enjoying Ice Cream On Diabetes

Earl is a 41-year-old business owner, married and has a young family. He’s also diabetic and got injuries in his shoulder and feet. He tried 75hard, fasting, X3 Bar Training, home workouts, and many other diets and programs along the way. Yet the man boobs, the belly fat, and the diabetes were still present.

Two tweaks in his nutrition and one tweak with his training had him drop 31lbs using the Kinetic Method. His blood sugar levels have improved without having to cut out ice cream.

35-Year-Old Ex Athlete And Business Owner Drops 30lbs
And Feels Like 18 Again Using The Kinetic Method

Drew, an ex-athlete and high performing RE investor. Traditional diets and mainstream approaches didn’t work. He’d drop weight and regain it. Shakes and rabbit food weren’t sustainable for him. And starving while meeting clients neither. 

So he decided to use the Kinetic Method, a business approach to his body. He’s dropped 30lbs. Energy levels are at new heights. He feels like an athlete again. At 35 he now says he feels better than at 18. Give this a watch today.

  38 Year Old Insurance Agent
Drops 30 Pounds
Using The Kinetic Method

Joe, a busy family man and business owner. At 37 he had a few years on his back of trying things on his own with his fitness and health. While he was eating healthy and doing Keto, he wasn't getting the results he was looking for. 

He'd drop 10 pounds, then regain it a few weeks later. Peleton sessions didn't move the needle either. Then he saw one of his buddies getting in shape. He saw it as a scientific approach. 

Joe started to transform.30 pounds down. The sluggish and slow CEO was replaced with a fast, sharp, and effective businessman.

47-Year-Old Business Owner Drops 25lbs & Gains 5lbs Of Lean Muscle Mass Using the Kinetic Method

Rich was 50-60lbs overweight for close to 2 decades. He did Keto in 2017. Dropped 20lbs. Regained 20lbs. Did it again in 2021. Regained it again. He’d eat one fruit and blow up like a balloon. Then he decided to start the Kinetic Method this year. 

90 days in and he’s consistently dropping fat. Strength is up. Energy is up. Muscle mass is up. And most importantly, it’s something he can sustain. In this video, he also shares a surprise he had using the Kinetic Method.

47-Year-Old Insurance Business Owner Drops 25lbs & Feels Better Than Ever With The Kinetic Method

Matt,an insurance agent that’s been married for 25 years and has 6 kids. He used to play soccer and was very athletic growing up. Then with work and life commitments tacking up, his health took a bit of a backseat. He tried programs and diets on his own, but never saw the breakthrough the wanted. 

Today he’s 25lbs down and feels better than in years. His leading his wife and kids better than before. Sleep is better and stress is down. He’s gotten results he hasn’t seen in 20 years on his own. It’s one of the most inspiring emotional stories we recorded so far.

  38 Year Business Owner Broke Through A 10 Year Weight Loss Plateau & Regained The Energy & Vitality From His 20’s Through The Kinetic Method

Anthony, 38-year-old business owner from Canada. He’s married, got kids and works tons of hours a day. Anthony spent over 15k on trainers, nutritionist, neuropaths, diets, gym memberships ... you name it. He was stuck for over a decade at 242lbs. Burned by past coaches. Sold empty promises through courses. Joined gyms and fitness classes. Did they help? Yes. Did he get the results he wanted? No. 

The difference here with me is that I want to show you rather than tell. And the best way for you to consider joining the Kinetic Method is to see proof. See proof of systems. See proof of processes. See proof of results. Every other story... 

Well let's be honest, they can be made up. Sit back and let this soak in. The proof isn't in the pudding. The proof is in the facts. And here are the facts...30 days in and his energy his back, he got out of depressive cycles and has regained his vitality.

38 Year Old IT Business Owner Let Go 18lbs & Decreased Blood Sugar To Normal Levels Through The Kinetic Method

Igor, 38-year-old IT business owner from the US. He’s married, got kids and works tons of hours a day. Igor tried fasting, Keto and many other programs without long lasting results. 

A few weeks into the Kinetic Method, and his blood sugar levels got into the normal range. He's dropped 18lbs of fat and put on some muscle mass. Energy is higher and he's healthier. Plus his sleep is deeper and more restorative.

 49 Year Old Copywriter Dropped 20lbs, Increases His Energy & Sleeps The Entire Night Through The Kinetic Method

Skylr. He's a world class copywriter. After over 20 years of trial and error and multiple trainers, he's been able to crack the code to drop weight and keep it off. In the video you can hear him say that this has been the easiest way to losing weight he's ever done. His energy is up, he sleeps better and he dropped 20lbs in 90 days.

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